"Shit looks MERCY, Bro!

“Shit looks MERCY, Bro!

It’s ridiculous and annoying how many spam comments I get. Several dozens a day.

However, occasionally I’ll catch one that is amusing, bizarre and/or oddly poetic.  Here are a few of my favorites because they obviously take random pieces of text and paste them together. The surrealists and Dadaists used to do the same thing using random words and phrases cut out of newspapers to make poems in the 20’s. They called these “cut ups”. These are the modern version…




Chael Sonnen - "The Voice of Reason"

Chael Sonnen "The Voice of Reason"


So, I received Chael Sonnen’s book yesterday. I read half of it last night. (Thanks for keeping me up til 4am. Chael!) I finished the rest today. Finishing a 220 page book in 2 sittings should certainly give you a hint that it’s immensely readable.

If you look at the Amazon page for the book, you don’t really get any sense of what it’s about. It kinda sounds like Chael’s version of a self-help book. You’d also expect it to be about Chael and about MMA. Ummm… kinda but not really.


It’s true. So, I thought I’d take some time and reply to them.

“As searching temporarly for a high quality study concerning this kind of point . Doing research in Aol I now have discovered this page. Seeing these details I’m just pleased to pronounce that I have a wonderful sense I discovered whatever I needed. Most definitely i’ll make certain to remember this website and go here consistently.

You are “pleased to pronounce?” Research in AOL? Damn, Spambot! this ain’t 1992!

“Your page is looks mercy, your graphics are good look, and what’s more, you use reference that are relevant to what you are saying?”

"Shit looks MERCY, Bro!"

Thank you! I put a lot of work into making my page look mercy. I also agree that it is very important to use reference that are relevant to what I am saying. I find if I use irrelevant references people seem to be confused and think my writing is not mercy.

“Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time”

Weird, I got several other comments with the same comment. Right down to the capitalized emphasis on MUCH. I guess it’s true. My blog saves you MUCH time, bitches!!

“Ill end up being including your blog in order to my personal feed, many thanks.”

Thank you. I’m glad you’ll be including my blog in order… wait… what?

Do you release new dubstep tracks from your blog?  I’ve onl had like 31 early releases.”

Oh TOTES! I release MAD dubstep tracks from my blog! Shit is MERCY! You need to in order that shit in your personal feed. Ya feel me, Teresia Baggette?

“Nice website design. Is this a template?”

Thank you. I started with a template but did a lot of customizing… btw, do you happen to have any information about online nursing degree programs? Oh! you just happen to have posted a link! Sweet.

MALE NURSE, bro. Male nurse…



ARtsy SBoI

I know… I know… You’re like seriously? You have your own website now? Well, I already have a hosting plan so an extra ten bucks a year to make sure no one registers spilledbagofice.com and sells dildos or worse sells some kinda shitty MMA related product & people think it has something to do with me.

Anyway, my “Spilled Bag of Fights” column will still be over at MMA Gospel but I may use this blog for additional stuff that doesn’t fit Spilled Bag of Fights or is shorter… maybe have some guest bloggers. I dunno yet. Anyway, thanks for tuning in.