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sboipodcastIn a spectacular finish to 2013, The Mothafuggin’ Experts return to break down an exciting UFC 168. Featuring two title fight rematches, the Warmaster and plenty of the art of violence for the connoisseur of mixed martial arts.

Sponsored in part by our good friends at Diamond. Dig in and enjoy podcast magic with SpilledDominique Robinson & Director Patrick Guera …and Old Skool Funk.

Spilled Bag of Podcast: UFC 168



Guess who? That’s right! The experts are back and breaking down UFC 167 GSP vs Hendricks in the crazy and somehow surprisingly accurate manner you all know and love.

Sponsored in part by our good friends at Diamond. Dig in and enjoy podcast magic with SpilledDominique Robinson & Director Patrick Guera …and the kratom train.

Spilled Bag of Podcast: UFC 167

sboipodcastThe mothafuckin’ experts are back. Spilled, Dominique Robinson & Director Patrick Guera talk about Dom’s fight in Guatemala for Shinzo Fight Sports’ debut show and then break down the entire UFC 164: Henderson vs Pettis II card.

Some insight and a lot of fun is had. Give it a listen and enjoy yoself!
Spilled Bag of Podcast: UFC 164

sboipodcastTwo of the three experts are back. Spilled & Director Patrick Guera mix it up with a post-fight podcast talking about the highlights of UFC on Fox Sports 1 debut card Shogun Rua vs Chael Sonnen.

Our brother & third expert Dominique Robinson was away in Guatemala where he just won a fight against Tommy Truex via first round TKO. Congrats to Dom. We can’t wait to get him back on the podcast for next time.

Until then, enjoy this podcast, Icemigos!

Spilled Bag of Podcast: UFC Shogun vs Sonnen


The motherfuckin’ experts return. Dominique RobinsonPatrick Guera,  & Spilled Bag of Ice break down UFC 161. This honestly isn’t a card any of us are super psyched for so we soldiered through on our predictions with a less analytical approach than usual because well, we always enjoy chatting about anything especially MMA and we didn’t want to let you nice people down.

So… here it is!

Spilled Bag of Podcast: UFC 161



sboipodcast The motherfuckin’ experts are back in FULL FORCE with the trio of Mixed Martial Awesomeness. In this episode, we breakdown & make predictions on the whole UFC 160 Velasquez vs. Bigfoot Silva II card. Of course, we take some hilarious and entertaining detours along the way, and top the whole thing off with a discussion of UFC fighter pay as recently brought up by former fighter John Cholish.

Sit back, enjoy a beverage of your choice and treat yourself to the Best MMA Fight Prediction Podcast on Earth.

Spilled Bag of Podcast UFC 160

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*Dom wants to add Dr. Dan at Main St. Chiropractic and Sports Plus to his list of thank yous and shout outs.

sboipodcastDominique Robinson & Spilled are back! Kicking knowledge, having fun and making predictions on the UFC 159: Jones vs Sonnen card.

Not much more to say. Just enjoy!

UFC 159 Spilled Bag of Podcast with Dominique Robinson & Spilled Bag of Ice

sboipodcastThe motherfuckin’ experts are back to breakdown & predict upcoming UFC 158: St. Pierre vs. Diaz. For the second time, it’s all three of us… well for most of the show. You see, Dominique was late and Patrick and I had an interesting train wreck of a time waiting for him. We took a couple calls, both of which turned out to be trolls insulting us. Good times.

So, for those of you who aren’t brave enough (or have lives) to sit through all 2 1/2 hours, I put a handy time guide so you can skip to the stuff you wanna hear but do so at your own peril as you may be missing some golden entertainment… or not.

UFC 158 Podcast


  • 0:00 -SBoI Intro
  • 3:15 Patrick Guera shows up/ Where’s Dom?
  • 4:30 Spilled & Patrick’s Lifestyles/ Family Feud
  • 7:30 UFC 158 Mental Breakdown/Diaz Bros of MMA Knowledge
  • 8:50 Nick Diaz Speedbag Video
  • 13:50 Troll #1 Calls Do You Lift, Bro?
  • 18:40 Dom’s Taking a Shit
  • 19:30 Patrick Pitches Nick Diaz, Ariel Helwani Buddy Road Trip Movie
  • 20:20 Nick Diaz says Funny Shit/ Diaz GSP Conference Call
  • 22:10 GSPs Dark Place
  • 22:50 Troll Caller #2 Weightlifting, Steroids, I suck Dick
  • 28:00 Dom Finally Shows up
  • 37:00 Roop vs Duran
  • 43:00 Dillishaw vs Tamura
  • 44:30 Mulhern vs Story
  • 51:20 Cruickshank vs Makdessi
  • 100:30 Miller vs Mein
  • 107:45 Elkins vs Carvalho
  • 112:30 Voelker vs Cote
  • 119:00 Ricci vs Fletcher
  • 130:10 Camozzi vs Ring
  • 137:00 Ellenberger vs Marquardt
  • 144:00 Condit vs Hendricks
  • 154:40 GSP vs Diaz

Enjoy, Icemigos! And leave comments, your picks and what not. You can now log in via Twitter & Facebook.

sboipodcast SBoI & Dominique Robinson discuss our picks for UFC 157 and other stuff.

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to edit so it’s a little long but it’s some damn good entertainment. Enjoy!

UFC 157 Podcast



sboipodcastEnjoy Patrick Guera AKA Rono AKA @DirectorPatrick and Dominique Robinson AKA Fallen Angel AKA Too Many Aliases to List and myself break down UFC 156 and give our predictions. Dom mostly puts us to shame with his analysis as well as letting you know why he’s got a problem with your favorite fighter (hilariously of course).
Listen & learn, MMA fans!
UFC 156 Podcast

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