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Sign Dominique “Fallen Angel” Robinson!


Okay, the mothafuckin’ experts dropped the ball and didn’t do a podcast for this card. But here are my picks. Maybe Dom and Patrick will leave their picks in the comments. Feel free to do the same. On  to the picks…


Please check out this blog I wrote for my friends at Diamond MMA about the amazing Mark Miller who is currently in need of our help.


Fightshark Mark Miller | Diamond MMA.






(photo by Shelby Jones)


What are your picks? Leave a comment with your picks for UFC 166.



Man of Steel

by James Chaney

Voices echo, reacting to the thud of a clean powershot. I felt nothing… was it a left? Was it a right? No matter, I feel nothing. I’m made of steel.  Dull and empty. I don’t feel. I’m a million miles away from the fleshy automaton relegated to maintaining its directive: Move forward… absorb damage… attempt victory.


First, Ike Vallie-Flagg went looking for a fight. And boy, did he find one!


sboipodcastThe mothafuckin’ experts are back. Spilled, Dominique Robinson & Director Patrick Guera  break down the entire UFC 165: Jones vs Gustafsson card.

The most entertaining and accurate fight picks and breakdowns in the world -as far as you know. So, listen up and enjoy virtually hanging out with a diverse group of awesome friends. Talking shop & talkin’ shit.
Spilled Bag of Podcast: UFC 165

I love Breaking Bad and I’ve loved Bob Odenkirk’s work since the amazing Mr. Show with him and David Cross. Bob’s character Saul Goodman on Breaking Bad is great -adding comic relief without upsetting the tone of the show.

So, when I saw my buddy Ike Vallie-Flagg was in this Saul Goodman “Commercial”, I was psyched! How cool! Check it out! Also look for AMC’s Saul Goodman spin-off show sometime in the future. And follow Ike on twitter.

Check out the Word on the Street  Podcast where I recapped the latest episode of The Ultimate Fighter along with TUF17 Team Sonnen coach Jamie Huey and up & coming 110 lb female MMA fighter Liz McCarthy. It was a good time and we also got into Dana & Chael vs Vince McMahon, Transgender Fighter Fallon Fox, and Chael vs. Jon “Bones” Jones and of course, why I am the true champion of the TTTHS Belt and Jamie should stick to holding mitts and not trying to be funny.


If you missed the Nick Diaz and Georges St. Pierre UFC 158 Conference Call, you need to go listen NOW!

Nick Diaz had such amazing lines that it inspired my normally lazy ass to make THREE Photoshopped images based on shit he said!

Two of them you may’ve seen but the third is brand new!  Thank you, Nick Diaz, for being you. Hope you beat GSP!




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