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I love Breaking Bad and I’ve loved Bob Odenkirk’s work since the amazing Mr. Show with him and David Cross. Bob’s character Saul Goodman on Breaking Bad is great -adding comic relief without upsetting the tone of the show.

So, when I saw my buddy Ike Vallie-Flagg was in this Saul Goodman “Commercial”, I was psyched! How cool! Check it out! Also look for AMC’s Saul Goodman spin-off show sometime in the future. And follow Ike on twitter.

 Hey Icemigos!

Just want to take a quick moment to congratulate my friend James Chaney for making the cut for the Ultimate Fighter 16. James and his friend and training partner Dominique Robinson are two of the coolest, realest guys I’ve met in the sport and I’ve met and interviewed countless fighters who were almost all awesome, gracious and nice people. So, it says a lot that James and Dom stand out so much. I would go so far as to call them friends and even kindred spirits.

So, admitted bias aside, James is a guy with a 7-2 pro record with all his wins coming from submissions and his two losses coming from questionable doctor stoppages. He also has a 3-1 amateur record. So, James is a fighter -in the truest sense. He’s a guy that you wanna watch. Aside from his record as a fighter, he’s an interesting guy… I’ve met him and interviewed him a couple of times and James is a character. Smart but strange -thoughtful with a bone dry sense of humor. You ask James a question and he doesn’t give you a stock answer. He pauses and answers with a measured intelligence that is at once kinda funny and kinda intense. I don’t wanna get too poetic here but I will say that James strikes me as a great guy but a bit enigmatic. I predict that he will be the guy that will stand out on the show. Despite not being a conscious self-promoter, I can’t think of a fighter on past TUFs that has a similar disposition.

So, where am I going with this? Well, watch TUF 16 premiering on FX on Sept. 14 with coaches Roy Nelson and Shane Carwin and keep an eye on James “off the” Chaney! BTW, I unintentionally gave him that nickname and I’m sorry.

Follow James & Dominique on twitter and watch the commercial:

Edit: Dominique Robinson tells me “his ammy is 9-1 dammit, all subs there as well”  So, yeah… not like it changes my point… OFF THE Chaney is a badass with mad submission skills, yo!

Watch Extended James Chaney TUF 16 Commercial…