Way back in July of 2011, Chael Sonnen said he would do an interview with me but suggested that I might want to wait. Chael was doing a ton of media at the time so I took that rain check. Now with the exciting and unexpected news that Chael would be fighting Michael Bisping, with his original opponent Mark Munoz out due to injury, I decided to cash in that rain check. I reminded Chael about it and told him that whenever he was free we’d do the interview. Later that day, Chael called me for a chat. Never let it be said that Chael isn’t a man of his word.

My interview with Chael was like going to see a favorite band -there were classic hits mixed in with new gems. We talked about his fight with Bisping, who he wants next, whether he’ll everĀ  get to fight Anderson Silva, staying hungry & keeping his “eyes on the prize”, his haters and why he hasn’t been attacking Bisping with classic Sonnen trash talk yet… oh and Bigfoot. Not Bigfoot Silva but Sasquatch. Seriously.

After the interview, I e-mailed him and thanked for his time and added: “And if you find it in your heart, any Bisping insults you feel like throwing out there would be greatly enjoyed by myself and the rest of Team Sonnen Worldwide!”

A few minutes later @sonnench posted this:

Courtesy of Chael Sonnen (allegedly)

In the interview, Chael slyly asserted that he does not admit to using Twitter or any internet sites. Of course, of course… that being said, I appreciate it, alleged Chael. It was an instant classic.

Without further adieu, enjoy my interview with the one and only Chael P. Sonnen!

Spilled Bag of Chat with Chael Sonnen


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