Since I am clearly incompetent in fight picking, I shall turn pick duties over to my BFF Carlos B. Dog.  -Spilled

Ticman vs Saenz: I’m torn here. I am man’s best friend but Ticks are my enemy. I know it’s spelled without a K but still too close for comfort. Saenz by Decision. I just hope he doesn’t get lyme disease in the process!

SmileLosWatson vs Alvey: Okay… this hard. I know a guy named Tom that’s really awesome but I like Alvey is “Smilin'” I smile too. (see pic)  Smiling can be a sign of submission or maybe he’s bearing his teeth. I keep forgetting these aren’t dogs. So he must be smiling cause he’s happy. I’ll give him another reason to be happy and pick him by decision.

McMann vs. Murphy: Dad, help me out here… Okay, he says “Sarah only lost to the champ. but Lauren has heavy hands and undefeated.”  That doesn’t help. A dog is McMann’s best friend? Sure. Let’s go with McMann.

Formiga vs. Makovsky: “Fun Size”? I’m a funsize bad ass too. I’m also a good sidecontrolwrestler. Checkout my side-control!  Makovsky via submission. Speaking of treats… I get one for this, right?

Peralta vs Tavares: Tavares since his brother is on the card. They’re not brothers? Still Tavares by decision.

Jordan vs May: These big people scare me. Grrrr…. Jordan has more experience and that means something. Like how I can give high five because I’m awesome and have experience. Jordan by TKO.

Seth vs Jouban. I was gonna pick Seth Baczysmjhgfliu  Do you know how hard it is to type that with paws!? Anyway, I’m looking at Jouban’s picture on… what’s this site? Sherdog? Nice name! and he looks like a psycho. Looking bad ass is very important in the dog world. If Jouban had hackles they’d be up. Scary. Jouban by TKO.

Tavares vs Boetsch: Tavares because his brother is on the card…. and he’s Hawaiian and Hawaiians are like Tropical Mexicans. It’s cool. I’m mostly Chihuahua. Hawaiians and Mexicans are tough. That’s science. Plus Tavares is all lean and mean like me and that means he’s probably fast. Zoom! Brad for the TKO.

Maynard vs. Pearson:  Maynard is named the Bully after his love of Bully dogs. So Spilled tells me. Those dogs scare me even though they’re usually cool. Pit Bulls and Chihuahuas are the number one and two most common dogs in shelters. Go to a shelter and adopt one. We’re both misunderstood. People think Pitbulls are vicious and Chihuahuas are yappy and high strung. It’s not true! That’s breedism! Don’t prejudge us, man! Ohhh right. Maynard by close decision.

Bader vs OSP: Bader has more experience against higher caliber guys so I gotta go with him.Plus his nickname is Bark so… what? Darth? What the hell is that? Star Wars? Before my time, bro! Follow me on twitter @CarlosBDog or just send treats. Whatever.

—-‘Los OUT!
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