sboistoryOn Feb. 6, 2010 at UFC 109 a bag of ice broke in Ronnys Torres’ corner in between rounds during his fight with Melvin Guillard. Ice spilled everywhere. Chaos ensued. Joe Rogan made funny commentary about it.

A couple of days later, I made a one off Twitter account in the persona of the Spilled Bag of Ice. The @UFC tweeted about it first, then Joe Rogan did & suddenly I had several hundred followers -something I never expected.

I’m a writer and an MMA fan and on my other Twitter account I would often make jokes about MMA that all of 5 people got. So, I decided to seize this opportunity of having an audience of MMA fans. I began to phase out the ice jokes and just make general smart ass commentary on the world of MMA. While the SBoI identity remains, the “persona” does not. It’s just me.

It’s truly amazing how serendipitous all this has been. This was never my plan. I wanted to make a joke account and it lead to becoming  immersed in the world of MMA and meeting, interviewing and, in some cases, becoming somewhat friends with fighters like Dannyboy Downes, Dan Hardy, Ian McCall, Chael Sonnen, James Chaney & Dominique Robinson (truly kindred spirits) … It’s insane and I’ve enjoyed it more than I can imagine. I don’t mention these names to brag but to illustrate my point of where all this has lead me. And it lead me here because I did it with sincere love and interest and never with any sort of calculated career path. Being an MMA writer/pundit/personality was never my goal and it’s still not…  But I do have a passion for it. It’s fun. It’s interesting. And it’s just been an amazing, unexpected gift. I know… I’m getting maudlin. But I’ve interviewed countless fighters and been delighted and amazed at how many of them are really cool, down-to-earth and genuinely interesting and likable people. I’ve gotten great tickets to MMA fights and met and virtually befriended some great fellow MMA fans through this.

There’s that cliche: Do what you love and the money will follow. Well, it may not be money, it may not be fame… but it will be something. Something good. Could be money, opportunity, insight, cool experiences, relationships… but I think if you truly follow a passion with the pure intent of doing it for the love of it, you’ll get it back -and likely more. If you look too much for what the end reward is, you probably won’t see it -even though it’s there. But you’ll miss it because you can’t imagine it. It’s a bit of a leap of faith that there will be a point and a value to just doing something for “kicks”.  That’s sorta the upside of lacking discipline (which I do), the things you pursue are pretty much exclusively things you want to pursue.

So, that’s my fucking Anthony Robbins pep-talk. And the truth is, if you’re compelled to do things for the adventure and the passion and the “why the fuck not?” then I’m preaching to the choir here. I’m just telling you my experiences. Anyway…

More specifically, I currently write for UFC.Com. I used to write a  column for MMA Gospel  & I formerly co-hosted MMA Gospel Radio with Gary Friedman.  Gary and I now do a new show called Fight Insight Radio every other Thursday at 5:30 PT. I work with a great company called Diamond MMA who make the best groin protection on the planet.

Kinda crazy that the one-off joke account lead to all this… For the record, I’m not a “journalist”, I’m a creative writer. So you’re gonna get my opinions -but hopefully in an amusing, entertaining way.