Originally, I set out to use this site as a personal blog. To post radio shows, podcasts and the intermittent writing I did about the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Since then, I’ve become loftier in my aspirations. I want this site to have real journalism and real creative writing and originality. ¬†Somewhere between the journalism of VICE’s Fightland and the irreverent comedy of Middle Easy.

Too many MMA sites are filled with bad “journalism” -biased, poorly researched, poorly written. Essentially, not much more than some blowhard spouting opinions and rarely in a creative, entertaining or insightful way. There’s a word for that and it’s not journalism, it’s blogging. Another problem is that despite many sites having a few outstanding writers among the wanna-bes, the sites are cluttered with generic content. “News” that is already all over social media and other sites with little to no exploration of the implications or underlying story of the news. Or generic fight breakdowns, etc.

I have no intention of doing that. What I want is creative perspectives, pieces written by actual fighters, coaches, trainers, promoters and other people who can tell a story from the inside out. If a writer is going to write about something having to do with an aspect of MMA, he or she must do research, interview people from various sides of an issue with different perspectives and give a thorough and in-depth report… you know, journalism sans sarcastic quotation marks.

Another aspect we want to have is getting to know the person behind the fighters. We want to hear the stories they haven’t told and things about their lives outside of MMA.

All I need to really get going in earnest is some funding. Because writers should be paid. You get what you pay for, both in quality and effort put forth. I want this site to be known for exceptional quality. I know it’s a lot to strive for without the money and resources of the big boys but it’s a work in progress and there’s a ways to go… but we’ll get there.

See you there.