bonesgusreach2Welcome back, my little shit ducks! For this SBoF, I’m gonna focus on the title fight of UFC 165:  Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson. I will throw my opinion on the decision into the muck and mire of opinions that are gunking up the interwebs but I’ll also be delving into the so-called controversy of the decision. More to the point, why there is such a big controversy and why this always seems to happen when there is a close fight. Jones retained his title but a lot of people felt The Swede got a straffknulla from the judges.


First, Ike Vallie-Flagg went looking for a fight. And boy, did he find one!


sboipodcastThe mothafuckin’ experts are back. Spilled, Dominique Robinson & Director Patrick Guera  break down the entire UFC 165: Jones vs Gustafsson card.

The most entertaining and accurate fight picks and breakdowns in the world -as far as you know. So, listen up and enjoy virtually hanging out with a diverse group of awesome friends. Talking shop & talkin’ shit.
Spilled Bag of Podcast: UFC 165

I love Breaking Bad and I’ve loved Bob Odenkirk’s work since the amazing Mr. Show with him and David Cross. Bob’s character Saul Goodman on Breaking Bad is great -adding comic relief without upsetting the tone of the show.

So, when I saw my buddy Ike Vallie-Flagg was in this Saul Goodman “Commercial”, I was psyched! How cool! Check it out! Also look for AMC’s Saul Goodman spin-off show sometime in the future. And follow Ike on twitter.


By Spilled Bag of Ice

A couple of years ago, I used to write a weekly column called “Spilled Bag of Fights” for a website that no longer exists. I would wrap up the week in MMA with a nice blend of insight and snark with an occasional dash of straight up surrealism and hilarious photoshopped, errr, hilarity. In going back and looking at some of them, I realized that they were awesome and the obligation to write a weekly column, as much as it chapped my lazy ass, made me write. Strangely, the weeks where I thought ‘I got nothing’ were often the times I would get creative and wind up with some of my best work. Anyway, the long and longer of it is that I cannot, with a clear conscience, deny you my genius any longer. Ladies, gentlemen, transgender people, animals that can secretly read, the emerging sentient collective consciousness of the internets and, of course, the NSA…



sboipodcastThe mothafuckin’ experts are back. Spilled, Dominique Robinson & Director Patrick Guera talk about Dom’s fight in Guatemala for Shinzo Fight Sports’ debut show and then break down the entire UFC 164: Henderson vs Pettis II card.

Some insight and a lot of fun is had. Give it a listen and enjoy yoself!
Spilled Bag of Podcast: UFC 164

sboipodcastTwo of the three experts are back. Spilled & Director Patrick Guera mix it up with a post-fight podcast talking about the highlights of UFC on Fox Sports 1 debut card Shogun Rua vs Chael Sonnen.

Our brother & third expert Dominique Robinson was away in Guatemala where he just won a fight against Tommy Truex via first round TKO. Congrats to Dom. We can’t wait to get him back on the podcast for next time.

Until then, enjoy this podcast, Icemigos!

Spilled Bag of Podcast: UFC Shogun vs Sonnen


The motherfuckin’ experts return. Dominique RobinsonPatrick Guera,  & Spilled Bag of Ice break down UFC 161. This honestly isn’t a card any of us are super psyched for so we soldiered through on our predictions with a less analytical approach than usual because well, we always enjoy chatting about anything especially MMA and we didn’t want to let you nice people down.

So… here it is!

Spilled Bag of Podcast: UFC 161



How can you not love these guys?

Two of our best friends are back! The Goon Squad themselves: Dominique Robinson and James Chaney. We love having these guys on because not only are they awesome dudes but they fit right in with our non-cliche show. We talk about everything from dealing with losses, the love/hate relationship with MMA, struggling with the politics of the business, and whether (and how) it’s all worth the struggle to do what you love. Deep shit, man. Of course there’s plenty of laughs as well -like those ‘fruity hats’. Enjoy this interview with two of the most insightful and honest guys in MMA (and in general!)


sboipodcast The motherfuckin’ experts are back in FULL FORCE with the trio of Mixed Martial Awesomeness. In this episode, we breakdown & make predictions on the whole UFC 160 Velasquez vs. Bigfoot Silva II card. Of course, we take some hilarious and entertaining detours along the way, and top the whole thing off with a discussion of UFC fighter pay as recently brought up by former fighter John Cholish.

Sit back, enjoy a beverage of your choice and treat yourself to the Best MMA Fight Prediction Podcast on Earth.

Spilled Bag of Podcast UFC 160

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*Dom wants to add Dr. Dan at Main St. Chiropractic and Sports Plus to his list of thank yous and shout outs.

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