Anderson Silva

sboipodcastIn a spectacular finish to 2013, The Mothafuggin’ Experts return to break down an exciting UFC 168. Featuring two title fight rematches, the Warmaster and plenty of the art of violence for the connoisseur of mixed martial arts.

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Spilled Bag of Podcast: UFC 168

Anderson Silva

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‘MMAinstream’ by Spilled Bag of Ice
April 19, 2010

Between Anderson Silva’s bizarre performance at UFC 112 and the StrikeForce Nashville post-fight brawl in the cage, there seems to be a lot of chatter in the MMA world about what this means for MMA and how “The Mainstream” perceives it. Allow your old amigo SBoI to put things in perspective for you.
There may’ve been a time, and granted -not too long ago, when the average person would have no idea what you meant by “Mixed Martial Arts”. You’d have to say “ultimate fighting” or “cage fighting” to get a spark of recognition and that was usually accompanied by an involuntary recoiling of disgust and horror. You had to work to convince them that these were skilled, disciplined athletes when the image in their mind was of a prison yard or biker bar fight. “Human Cockfighting” is what they thought.

While those days where only a few years ago and are still fresh in the minds of all but the most recent MMA fan, those days are very much gone. The only way someone still sees MMA with that outdated and warped perception when modern MMA is everywhere is through prejudiced, willful ignorance. People who think MMA is some lesser, unrefined offshoot of boxing or people who are repulsed by all combat sports are a lost cause and there’s no point pandering to them. At all.