Isaac Vallie-Flagg


UFC Lightweight Isaac Vallie-Flagg will be fighting undefeated Brazilian Elias Silverio tonight at UFC Fight Night 35 in his first fight since his split decision win over crafty, tough veteran Yves Edwards. Ike has been out just a couple of weeks short of a year due to a back injury that forced him out of a fight with UFC veteran Sam Stone. ¬†Tonight he hopes to keep that win streak that extends all the way back to 2007 rolling and I know that he’s been itching to get back in the octagon for a while now.

Now, I consider Ike a friend but that doesn’t mean I won’t ask him the hard hitting questions.

SBOI: Ike, you’re fighting tomorrow night in Georgia in your first fight in almost a year. I have to ask you…. Is it weird fighting on a Wednesday? Cause it’s kinda weird watching fights on a Wednesday.

IKE: A little, yeah. Ha.

SBOI: Well, good luck tonight, Ike. I’ll definitely be tuning in to watch your fight when the prelims start Wednesday on Fox Sports 1 at 5PM ET/ 2PM PT.¬†

IKE: Thanks, man.

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Isaac Vallie-Flagg

First, Ike Vallie-Flagg went looking for a fight. And boy, did he find one!