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bonesgusreach2Welcome back, my little shit ducks! For this SBoF, I’m gonna focus on the title fight of UFC 165:  Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson. I will throw my opinion on the decision into the muck and mire of opinions that are gunking up the interwebs but I’ll also be delving into the so-called controversy of the decision. More to the point, why there is such a big controversy and why this always seems to happen when there is a close fight. Jones retained his title but a lot of people felt The Swede got a straffknulla from the judges.


Jon Jones

Jon Jones (@JonJones on Twitter)

First of all, Jon, I want to thank you for taking time from your busy schedule of being mistaken for the UFC Light heavyweight Champ to answer my questions.

 Hi. Thanks for reaching out.

You said on twitter that you’re not a huge MMA fan but have seen Jon Jones fight. Were you aware of who Jon “Bones” Jones was before the constant mistaken identity on twitter? Or is that how you became aware of him?

I sort of knew who he was because I’ve always tracked my page ranking on Google for my business\career. A couple years ago (or something like that) he started showing up on Google more and more, so I was always kind of aware of him but didn’t pay much attention until he got really big. It was about a year ago that I started getting tweets meant for him, and the occasional email to my website.

 At what point did you go from telling people “I’m not Jon Jones the fighter” to having fun with it and are there any particularly dense people who didn’t realize even after you tweeted them back that you weren’t the fighter?

I think after maybe three tweets I decided to start having fun with it and pretend I didn’t know who Jon Jones the fighter was, especially if it was a REALLY mean tweet. Something like “@jonjones you bitch ass, no talent, arrogant piece of shit, [someone] will beat you and make you BLEED!” would get a reply along the lines of “What? Oh my god, who are you?! Who wants to hurt me? Oh my god!!! : (“

I’d do that almost every single time, and usually get an apology. It’s hilarious to me. If they do seem to feel really bad, though, I direct them to @JonnyBones. But I still gotta have my fun.

One time a guy emailed me through my website and, thinking I’m the fighter, invited me to fly out to stay at his house and it was pretty obvious he wanted me to bang his wife. Wow. I didn’t really know what to do with that, but thought it would be hilarious to show up on their doorstep a pasty, pudgy white nerd and say “Yeah, I look way different on TV.”

HA HA! That’s hilarious! You could just go “Hey! YOU e-mailed ME, dude!” 

Considering Bones Jones’ not fighting at UFC 151 and the card subsequently being cancelled, how many misdirected tweets of hate have you gotten compared to tweets of support?

 The hate versus support ratio was .. skewed. So far I’m around 3500 to 4000 tweets at me, and of those, I’ve seen THREE that are supportive. Exactly three.

Wow! Three. I’m sure some of that is due to Jon Jones fans knowing what his twitter account is… But still… Three…


So, what’s it like to be a celebrity without actually being a celebrity?

Being a celebrity without actually being a celebrity? It’s fucking hilarious! I’m just some random goofball with the same name as this other guy, and I’m getting sprayed with this firehose of absolute hatred and filth for no reason other than my parents giving me a boring name. I’m eating it up! I know it’ll fade away in an instant but there’s no point in missing out on even an instant of the humor it provides me and others.

Has this situation made you more or less interested in MMA? I’d imagine you’re not getting a view of the more intelligent MMA fans…

Oh, I’ve always liked MMA pretty well. I’m not a huge fan but I’ve been to several UFC PPV watch parties, and to UFC 135 in Denver to watch Jones vs Rampage. If anything, it makes me more interested because now I’ve been dragged kicking and screaming into the center of their community’s most recent and epic controversy. I love it though.

Do you follow Bones Jones or any other MMA fighters on twitter?

No, I don’t follow any MMA people on Twitter. Up until today I’d always kept it just for people in the video game industry that I know and work with.

What’s this whole “Nice Guy Jon Jones” thing about? You’re a meme now?

Ah yeah, the Good Guy Jon Jones thing. Someone on the MMA Underground Forums  found that pic of me and made a meme from it, and a few other people latched onto that. It’s riffing off another meme called “Good Guy Greg” showing a kinda goofy-looking dudebro smiling smugly, but the caption is about him doing something really friendly and considerate for someone. I think the Good Guy Jon Jones thing is just people being surprised I’m dealing with the INSANE amounts of hatred and profanity that’s being thrown at me for no reason. It’s kinda silly. I’ve never been a meme before.

I think Chael Sonnen should make you his “Joe the Plumber” play a whole *this* Jon Jones said he’d fight me angle. I’ll pass it on to him. Good guy. Funny as shit.

haha that would be awesome! I’m still trying really hard to push the “I’ll fight Chael” thing. Probably won’t happen but oh man, that’d be great.

Well, Jon, as I said, I enjoy your twitter more than that other Jon Jones guy. Keep up the good work!

Thanks so much for the kind words, man! And for indulging my five minutes of fame. I’ve had a blast.

Anything you’d like to plug or shout out? Your website, a “Good Guy Jon Jones” T-shirt?

 Just a shoutout to my girlfriend M, who’s completely awesome and has been incredibly indulgent of me in all of this silliness.

Thanks to THE REAL JON JONES for the time. Ha Ha. Follow him on twitter @JonJones. Not only is he a cool guy but he’s RTing some of the mistaken Bones Jones Tweets sent his way.

Jon is a “Art Producer\Outsourcing Manager in the video game industry” –so if you need one of those why not contact The Jon Jones of that industry? (in the sense of the champion not in the sense of being a hated guy with a DUI conviction)

Jon Jones

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