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Fighter James Chaney previously told us about his last fight. This time he recounts his very first fight.  -SBoI

James Chaney circa 2007

James Chaney circa 2007

The day of my first fight, May 2007.
Pacific Northwest, USA

The sun burns hot on the back of my neck and reflects back up into my face from the fiberglass beneath my feet. My lips, sun scorched and cracked while my hands all but glow white once de-gloved. I am shades of red, white, and brown from days of changing work clothes in attempt to combat the unpredictable sun rays. Having finally broke 100 degrees I wear an undershirt and if not for regulations I would do without that. Mornings of frost hardened grounds and overcast skies, turning a menacing grey and threatening to spit chill seemed to be behind us. That said, summer skies have given way to hail and lightning in the midst of a summer afternoon before, such is the nature of Idaho weather. For now I am content, my Irish glow burned red, for the cold I was not made, I welcome the heat.


Mixed Martial Arts


UFC Lightweight Isaac Vallie-Flagg will be fighting undefeated Brazilian Elias Silverio tonight at UFC Fight Night 35 in his first fight since his split decision win over crafty, tough veteran Yves Edwards. Ike has been out just a couple of weeks short of a year due to a back injury that forced him out of a fight with UFC veteran Sam Stone.  Tonight he hopes to keep that win streak that extends all the way back to 2007 rolling and I know that he’s been itching to get back in the octagon for a while now.

Now, I consider Ike a friend but that doesn’t mean I won’t ask him the hard hitting questions.

SBOI: Ike, you’re fighting tomorrow night in Georgia in your first fight in almost a year. I have to ask you…. Is it weird fighting on a Wednesday? Cause it’s kinda weird watching fights on a Wednesday.

IKE: A little, yeah. Ha.

SBOI: Well, good luck tonight, Ike. I’ll definitely be tuning in to watch your fight when the prelims start Wednesday on Fox Sports 1 at 5PM ET/ 2PM PT. 

IKE: Thanks, man.

You can follow Ike on Twitter and you should!


Mixed Martial Arts

sboipodcastIn a spectacular finish to 2013, The Mothafuggin’ Experts return to break down an exciting UFC 168. Featuring two title fight rematches, the Warmaster and plenty of the art of violence for the connoisseur of mixed martial arts.

Sponsored in part by our good friends at Diamond. Dig in and enjoy podcast magic with SpilledDominique Robinson & Director Patrick Guera …and Old Skool Funk.

Spilled Bag of Podcast: UFC 168

Mixed Martial Arts



Guess who? That’s right! The experts are back and breaking down UFC 167 GSP vs Hendricks in the crazy and somehow surprisingly accurate manner you all know and love.

Sponsored in part by our good friends at Diamond. Dig in and enjoy podcast magic with SpilledDominique Robinson & Director Patrick Guera …and the kratom train.

Spilled Bag of Podcast: UFC 167

Mixed Martial Arts


By Spilled Bag of Ice

A couple of years ago, I used to write a weekly column called “Spilled Bag of Fights” for a website that no longer exists. I would wrap up the week in MMA with a nice blend of insight and snark with an occasional dash of straight up surrealism and hilarious photoshopped, errr, hilarity. In going back and looking at some of them, I realized that they were awesome and the obligation to write a weekly column, as much as it chapped my lazy ass, made me write. Strangely, the weeks where I thought ‘I got nothing’ were often the times I would get creative and wind up with some of my best work. Anyway, the long and longer of it is that I cannot, with a clear conscience, deny you my genius any longer. Ladies, gentlemen, transgender people, animals that can secretly read, the emerging sentient collective consciousness of the internets and, of course, the NSA…



Mixed Martial Arts

sboipodcastThe mothafuckin’ experts are back. Spilled, Dominique Robinson & Director Patrick Guera talk about Dom’s fight in Guatemala for Shinzo Fight Sports’ debut show and then break down the entire UFC 164: Henderson vs Pettis II card.

Some insight and a lot of fun is had. Give it a listen and enjoy yoself!
Spilled Bag of Podcast: UFC 164