Shinzo Fight


Man of Steel

by James Chaney

Voices echo, reacting to the thud of a clean powershot. I felt nothing… was it a left? Was it a right? No matter, I feel nothing. I’m made of steel.  Dull and empty. I don’t feel. I’m a million miles away from the fleshy automaton relegated to maintaining its directive: Move forward… absorb damage… attempt victory.


Shinzo Fight

sboipodcastThe mothafuckin’ experts are back. Spilled, Dominique Robinson & Director Patrick Guera talk about Dom’s fight in Guatemala for Shinzo Fight Sports’ debut show and then break down the entire UFC 164: Henderson vs Pettis II card.

Some insight and a lot of fun is had. Give it a listen and enjoy yoself!
Spilled Bag of Podcast: UFC 164