The Voice of Reason


If you read my review of Chael Sonnen’s book “The Voice of Reason A VIP Pass to Enlightenment“, you know I enjoyed it and Chael appreciated my review. So when I asked him if he’d do not so much the standard interview about MMA, but more a discussion about some of the topics in the book, Chael was gracious enough to give me his time. We talked about Religion, Politics, Conspiracy Theories, and his dog Mr. Danger Waffles! But mostly it was about critical thinking and how much it’s lacking in society.

With no shortage of interviews about Chael’s upcoming rematch with Anderson Silva, I decided to interview Chael Sonnen, author and sociologist, rather than Chael Sonnen MMA fighter. I hope you enjoy our discussion and if you do, you’ll probably really enjoy Chael’s book.

Thanks for the time, buddy!

We also spoke to undefeated UFC Heavyweight Shane Del Rosario about his upcoming UFC 146 fight with fellow undefeated Stipe Miocic. Enjoy!

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The Voice of Reason

Chael Sonnen - "The Voice of Reason"

Chael Sonnen "The Voice of Reason"


So, I received Chael Sonnen’s book yesterday. I read half of it last night. (Thanks for keeping me up til 4am. Chael!) I finished the rest today. Finishing a 220 page book in 2 sittings should certainly give you a hint that it’s immensely readable.

If you look at the Amazon page for the book, you don’t really get any sense of what it’s about. It kinda sounds like Chael’s version of a self-help book. You’d also expect it to be about Chael and about MMA. Ummm… kinda but not really.